Alabama Sports Betting 2023: When Will Alabama Sportsbooks Launch?

Very few forms of gambling have ever found a sweet home in Alabama. In a state with such a long history of opposition to gambling, there will be no moves to legalize Alabama sports betting in 2023.

That means it will be late 2024 at the earliest before the first online Alabama sportsbooks get the chance to offer their services to sports bettors in the Yellowhammer State.

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Alabama Sports Betting Launch Updates: September 2023

Alabama bettors might have felt some cautious optimism at the start of 2023, after bills to introduce legal sports betting were launched in both the state House and Senate the previous year. However, the legislative session looks likely to end without any renewed efforts to introduce sports betting in Alabama, which means the wait for AL sportsbooks to launch will stretch into 2024 at least.

Is Sport Betting Legal in Alabama?No, not legal yet
📰 2023 AL sports betting billNone launched yet
Latest development September 2023Sports Betting Bill Failed in 2023
📆 When will sportsbooks launch?2024 at the earliest
📲 Expected AL sportsbooksFanDuel, BetMGM, Caesars, DraftKings

There were hopes in 2022 that legalized Alabama sports betting might become a reality after bills were introduced in both chambers of the state legislature.

However, those proposals made limited progress. And, despite the continued support of some senior lawmakers in the state, it appears that the 2023 legislative session will end in early June without renewed efforts to legalize sports betting in Alabama.

This is one of only five states in the union that does not have a lottery. There are just three tribal casinos in the state, and no commercial establishments.

No one should be in any doubt as to the strength of the historical opposition to sports wagering in Alabama. Some of that antipathy is rooted in concern about the impact that legal Alabama sports betting might have on local bingo halls in the state.

Nevertheless, the presence of legal sports betting in several neighboring states, and the potential financial benefits to the state from legal online sportsbooks, mean there will undoubtedly be further efforts to change the law in the near future.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Alabama?

No, sports betting in Alabama is not legal yet. There have been several efforts in recent years to introduce legalized sports betting in the Yellowhammer State, but none has been successful. Despite the keenness of many lawmakers to legalize sports betting, AL enthusiasts will have to wait a little while longer.   

When Will Sports Betting Be Legal in Alabama?

It is not possible to say when legal sports betting in Alabama will be introduced. As the state’s 2023 legislative session drew towards a close, no bills to authorize Alabama sportsbooks to operate had been put before lawmakers.

That means the earliest Alabama sports betting could become a reality is likely to be in 2024. The entrenched opposition in some quarters to legalized sports betting is such that Alabama bettors may have to wait even longer than that.  

Has There Been Any Alabama Sports Betting Bill Progress?

The most recent legislation that aimed to legalize Alabama sports betting was launched in 2022. A Senate bill that would have permitted both retail and online sports betting in Alabama did not pass. Neither did a House proposal to make betting legal only in Jefferson County – home of the big city of Birmingham.

Those thinking of pushing for legalization in 2023 may have been discouraged by the revelation that Brad Bohannon, coach of the Crimson Tide baseball team, had been fired by the University of Alabama. It followed news of a betting probe into the team after suspicious betting patterns on an Alabama vs. LSU game.

A potential scandal such as this, particularly relating to college sports in a state that loves its NCAA action but is generally wary of online gambling, could not have come at a worse time.

Latest News Impacting Sports Betting in Alabama

  • 📆 May 2023: Alabama Crimson Tide baseball coach Brad Bohannon is fired amid a sports betting probe into the team’s games.
  • 📆 May 2023: With the legislative session about to close in June 2023, no bill aimed at legalizing sports betting in Alabama has yet been launched.
  • 📆 March 2023: As the legislative session begins, lawmakers expect to see multiple sports betting bills launched - and state governor Kay Ivey is said to be in favor too.
  • 📆 2022: SB 293, a Gambling Control Bill that would permit sports betting and a state lottery, dies on the Senate floor.
  • 📆 2022: HB 405, a House bill to allow sports betting in AL – but only in Jefferson County – does not even pass a first reading.
  • 📆 2021: A bill that would allow Alabama sports betting and a state lottery passes the Senate but gains little traction in the House.
  • 📆 2020: HB 336, which would permit Alabama online sports betting and some retail wagering, fails to pass the committee stage.
  • 📆 2019: HB 315, under which Alabama sports betting sites would be allowed to operate, gets nowhere.
  • 📆 2019: A bill making Daily Fantasy Sports games legal in Alabama is passed; they had been ruled illegal in 2016.
  • 📆 2018: The US Supreme Court voids the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. This means states may now legalize sports betting.

Best Alabama Sportsbooks Potentially Launching

If and when the law is changed to allow sports betting, Alabama will probably become home to many of the nation’s leading online gambling brands. These are top-quality operators that have extensive experience, with many of them licensed to run a legal sports betting site in more than 20 states.

⭐️ BetMGM Alabama SportsbookBest All-Around Sportsbook
🏈 Caesars Alabama SportsbookBest for Live Betting
👍 DraftKings Alabama SportsbookBest-Known Brand
📱 FanDuel Alabama SportsbookMost Downloaded App

Depending on how many licenses are issued in the state, there are several other brands that could obtain permission to run Alabama sports betting sites. They include leading American offerings such as BetRivers, WynnBET, FOX Bet, and Barstool, and international companies such as Unibet, Betway, and Bet365.

BetMGM Sportsbook

Ranking the BEST Alabama Sportsbook - BetMGM Sportsbook Alabama

In a new era of online betting, Alabama sports bettors will be able to visit some outstanding online sportsbooks – none better than BetMGM Alabama. It’s part of the MGM empire, a famous brand recognized for its work in the casino world, and increasingly for the excellence of its sports betting product. Expect to find an extensive list of college and professional sports, a broad range of ways to place sports bets, frequent promotions, and a top-class user interface.

  • 🎁 Expected Offer: Risk-free bet up to $1,000
  • 📆 Expected Launch Date: 2024-2025
Caesars Sportsbook

Best for Live Betting - Caesars Sportsbook Alabama

The Caesars Sportsbook Alabama name is another with long-standing links with the top end of the casino market that has made serious inroads in the world of online sports betting. Alabama residents can look forward to plenty of sports to bet on, a steady stream of bonuses, and the chance to enjoy a great in-play betting experience. Every top online sportsbook gives you the opportunity to place live bets, and Caesars’ service in this area is second to none.

  • 🎁 Expected Offer: $1,100 First Bet Insurance
  • 📆 Expected Launch Date: 2024-2025
DraftKings Sportsbook

Best-Known Brand - DraftKings Sportsbook Alabama

DraftKings Alabama is one of the brands that is getting a head start when it comes to AL online sports betting, thanks to its status as a leading provider of Daily Fantasy Sports games. Many people will be familiar with this brand through its DFS work, which will help when Alabama online sports betting goes live. DraftKings backs up its fantasy offering with a seriously impressive online sportsbook that is at or near the top of the charts for handle and revenue in numerous states.

  • 🎁 Expected Offer: Deposit Bonus up to $1,000
  • 📆 Expected Launch Date: 2024-2025
FanDuel Sportsbook

Most Downloaded App - FanDuel Sportsbook Alabama

FanDuel Alabama is a brand that prides itself on being at the cutting edge of innovation, as shown by its pre-eminence in the mobile betting space. Like DraftKings, it has a head-start here thanks to its Daily Fantasy Sports work, but its online sportsbook is spectacularly good. It complements its online work with one of the best mobile sports betting apps, which has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times across the many states where it is available.

  • 🎁 Expected Offer: Risk-free bet up to $1,000
  • 📆 Expected Launch Date: 2024-2025

What Sportsbooks are in Alabama?

There are currently no licensed Alabama sportsbooks. All forms of sports betting remain against the law in the Yellowhammer State, and it might be 2024 or 2025 before that situation changes. The online sports betting sites we expect to launch here when they get the chance include market leaders such as FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, and Caesars. Other brands that might vie for a licence to offer sports betting AL include Barstool, BetRivers, Bet365, and Unibet.  

When Will Alabama Sportsbooks Launch?

It’s not possible to say when the law will change to allow Alabama betting sites and retail sportsbooks to open. If no legislation is launched to permit sports betting in 2023, Alabama will have to wait until 2024 or 2025 before being able to place sports bets. At least Alabama residents who live close to the border with Mississippi and Tennessee, where sports betting has been legalized, can take a road trip to enjoy sports betting market.

How Many Sportsbooks are There in Alabama?

There are no legal Alabama sportsbooks, but hopes remain strong that the law will change to allow online betting sites to operate here – maybe in 2024 or 2025. The most recent legislation before the state Senate in 2022 envisaged a total of five facilities in Alabama being permitted to offer sports betting markets. It will be interesting to see if this is the final total when a regulated sports betting market opens in the Yellowhammer State.  

Sportsbooks Partnered with Alabama Sports Teams

In many states where sports fans are allowed to enjoy sports wagering, leading teams strike deals with sportsbooks that become their official sports betting partner. The team opens up a new income stream, while the book benefits from the association with a popular brand in the eyes of its fans.

There are no Alabama-based professional sports teams in the big four sports leagues. In such a location, it is fascinating to speculate on whether any of the leading college sports programs in the state will forge such a partnership with an AL sports betting brand.

Can You Sports Bet in Alabama?

No, you cannot take part in sports betting in Alabama. Under the Constitution of Alabama, no forms of sports wagering are permitted, except on horse racing. Although there have been repeated efforts in recent years to legalize AL sports betting sites, these have gained little traction. It remains to be seen whether or not further Alabama sports betting bills will be launched in 2024 to push for legalization.

How to Bet on Sports in Alabama

You cannot, as the law currently stands, bet on sports online or in person in Alabama. There are some offshore online sportsbooks offering their services to Alabama residents, but we strongly advise you against this form of sports wagering. Offshore sportsbooks may offer less security and poorer customer support, and you have no legal recourse in the event of a dispute.

Where Can I Bet on Sports in Alabama?

There is nowhere in the state where you can bet through Alabama sportsbooks. The three tribal casinos within state lines may become the venues for in-person legal sportsbooks if the law changes. Legislation that was launched in 2022 envisaged a total of five facilities that would be licensed to offer retail and online sports betting in AL.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Alabama?

When it comes to online betting, Alabama does not permit the activity. Bills launched in recent years would have provided for the launch of Alabama sports betting sites, had they been passed. However, they were unsuccessful – and we do not yet know what provisions might be included in bills that are introduced in 2024 or 2025. Given the popularity of online betting, AL will be likely to embrace this branch of the industry if it legalizes sports betting.

How Alabama Sports Betting Compares to Legal States

Comparing the potential size of the market in a state where sports betting has not been legalized with one where it has is never easy. So much depends on the population size, the number of sportsbooks permitted to operate, and the teams local sports betting enthusiasts can wager on.

However, it is interesting to note that in neighboring Tennessee, which has a comparable population and 11 online sportsbooks, the monthly handle was nearly $400 million – which generated $8.8 million in tax revenue for the state.

Timeline For Alabama Sports Betting Legislation

The recent history of attempts to legalize sports betting in Alabama features several bills that have not progressed very far. That may not be surprising in a state with no lottery and an opposition to sports wagering that has been codified in state law for more than 120 years:

  • 📆 2022: SB 293, also known as the Gambling Control Bill, gets no further than the floor of the Senate.
  • 📆 2022: HB 405, which would have permitted AL sports betting, but only in Jefferson County, falls at the first hurdle in the House.
  • 📆 2021: The most recent serious attempt at legalization gets through the Senate but finds little favor in the House.
  • 📆 2020: HB 336, which would have allowed online betting in AL as well as in-person sports wagering, does not make it out of committee.
  • 📆 2019: House bill HB 315, which would legalize Alabama online sports betting, fails to progress.
  • 📆 2018: The US Supreme Court voids the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. This means states may now legalize sports betting.
  • 📆 2013: The state’s attorney general tries to shut down the three tribal casinos in Alabama.
  • 📆 1901: The Constitution of Alabama decrees that all forms of gambling are prohibited.

Who Regulates Alabama Sports Gambling?

In the absence of any form of legal sports betting in Alabama, there is currently no agency with responsibility for regulating the activity here. The House bill HB 336, which was debated in 2020, proposed the establishment of an Alabama Sports Wagering Commission. There were suggestions during 2022 discussions that an Alabama Gaming Commission should be formed. If and when sports betting in AL is legalized, such a body will be set up to oversee the industry.

What is the Legal Age to Bet in Alabama?

If and when the Alabama online sports betting launch takes place, it is likely you will have to be at least 21 years old to join in. That’s the minimum age for sports wagering in most states, even if there are other forms of gambling you can enjoy sooner. For example, you can wager at casinos in Alabama from the age of 18, while the lower limit for placing bets on horse racing varies between 18 and 19 depending on which county you live in.

Do I Need to be a Alabama Resident to Bet Online?

You will not need to be counted among the five million Alabama residents to be able to enjoy sports betting in AL. However, you will have to be physically located within the state to be able to play. AL sports betting sites will use geo-location tools to ensure you are on licensed territory.

Alabama Sports Betting Licenses

When sports betting becomes legal in Alabama, it will be interesting to see how many companies are allowed to take wagers. Recent proposed legislation envisaged a limit of five facilities that would be licensed to offer both retail and online betting. AL lawmakers will decide on the actual total during the passage of any successful bill.

Alabama Sports Betting Revenue Projections 2023

Over the years, there have been attempts to predict how much revenue AL sportsbooks might generate once they are made legal in Alabama. In 2020, it was estimated that some $20 million in tax revenue might accrue to the state. However, the final figure will be determined by the number of licenses issued to AL sportsbooks, and the tax rate that is ultimately imposed.

Choosing the Best Alabama Online Sportsbook

The range of Alabama sports betting sites that will be available after legalization will be impressive. Alabama sports bettors face a tricky choice trying to select the right one to patronize. However, there are several factors you can apply when you want to narrow down your search for the ideal online sportsbook for you.

  • Read Reviews

    All the operators offering AL online sports betting will have plenty of experience in other states. That means you should find a host of reviews from customers there. Go online, do your research – and look out for themes that emerge, both in terms of the things people like about a sportsbook, and the ways in which it sometimes falls short.

  • What Bets are Allowed?

    Novice sports bettors might assume that all the sports betting markets offered by online operators are all the same. In fact, there can be significant variations. Some AL sportsbooks will carry odds on more sports than others, while there may also be a strong focus on a particular type of bet, such as propositions or same-game parlays.

  • Competitive Odds

    Experienced bettors set great store by finding the best odds available on particular sports and markets. By hunting around, you can find that the odds about a wager you want to place may be better in one place than with its rivals. Over time, you can work out where the most competitive odds while online sports betting in AL are to be found.

  • Welcome Bonus

    When sports betting legislation is passed and the countdown to the launch of legal wagering in Alabama, much of the attendant publicity will revolve around the promotions aimed at new sports bettors. You should expect to receive a bonus when you register as a customer that gets you off to an enjoyable start. This might be in the form of bonus bets, a bet-and-get offer, or a deposit match.

  • User Experience

    This is an incredibly important consideration. All the great odds, markets, and bonuses count for little if the actual experience of placing bets is slow and glitchy. Look for a sportsbook with a great design, easy navigation and an instant response when you click on your chosen bet. This is particularly vital when you want to enjoy mobile betting.

  • Deposits + Withdrawals

    All leading AL sportsbooks should offer you plenty of options for depositing money in your new account – and, crucially, for withdrawing your gambling winnings. Check carefully to see that the way you prefer to move your money online is available to use for depositing and taking money out. While some methods are available at most books, there will be variations between operators.

  • Customer Service

    If a query arises while sports betting, Alabama bettors should have plenty of ways of contacting the operator concerned. Look out for a 24/7 live chat facility, as well as a toll-free telephone number and an email address. Some sportsbooks run active Twitter feeds, and you may be able to raise an issue directly through that account.

Why Sign Up For Multiple Alabama Sports Betting Sites?

When you get the chance to enjoy legal sports betting, AL law will not restrict you to a single sportsbook. You can open as many accounts as you like – and there are several good reasons for doing so. It will enable you to compare the various Alabama sportsbooks, you can be sure you’re getting the most competitive odds, and you can take advantage of several great welcome bonuses.

Promotions for Alabama Sportsbooks

We can state with certainty from the evidence of other states that, when AL sports betting sites launch, there will be some exciting promotions to enjoy. Your welcome bonus may come in the form of a chance to play your first stake again if your bet loses, bonus bets in return for your opening wager, and a boost to your bankroll in the form of a deposit bonus.

But that’s not all. Good legal sportsbooks will offer regular promos such as odds boosts, enhanced payouts on parlays, and the chance to enter exclusive competitions.

Retail Sports Betting vs. Mobile Sports Betting

Sports fans like to place wagers on various sports, and in various ways. When Alabama sports betting is legalized, you should have the choice between placing wagers in person and playing at Alabama sports betting sites.

If you attend a retail sportsbook, you will be able to enjoy the buzz that comes from being surrounded by like-minded sports betting enthusiasts. There will be staff on hand to take your bets and give you any assistance required, and you should be able to wager in cash and enjoy an instant payout.

However, many sports fans prefer the ease and convenience of online and mobile betting. AL online sports betting platforms will enable you to place wagers through your desktop or mobile device wherever you are – at home, at work, travelling, or even at the big game.

You should expect to find a selection of excellent Alabama sports betting apps to make it easy to enjoy mobile sports betting anywhere in the Yellowhammer State.

Available Sports Wagers at Legal Sports Betting Sites

When the time comes to enjoy online sports betting, Alabama customers should be able to place the following types of wagers:

  • Moneylines

    The easiest way to play. No props, no handicap, just the chance to bet on the team you think will win a game.

  • Parlays

    Cover several selections with a single stake and watch the potential payout mount as each one wins. But if just one loses, it's game over.

  • Over/Under Totals

    Decide if the combined score of both teams will be over or under the number put up by your book, and place your money accordingly.

  • Point Spreads

    The book levels up the odds by giving the underdog a start; will the favorite win by more than that and "cover the spread?"

  • Futures

    Look past today's game and wager on a long-term outcome. Could this be the season when your team wins the big prize? You can back them months in advance.

  • Prop Bets

    There are so many ways you can bet online on outcomes within a game. Check out the long lists of individual and team markets.

  • Live Betting

    You can wager on a host of events once they are under way. The odds ebb and flow in response to the action in the arena, and if you're quick you can join in.

  • Prohibited Bets

    There are some wagers you are not allowed to place; for instance, no legal sportsbooks will allow you to bet on the outcome of political elections.

Alabama Sports to Bet On

Alabama is a state that loves its sport. We can be sure that, when given the opportunity to enjoy online betting, AL customers will flock to place wagers on the following:

  • NFL

    There is no top-level football team in Alabama – but that won’t stop the state’s sports bettors getting involved with the NFL. The league is popular from a betting perspective across the nation. It helps that there are several teams in neighboring states that draw plenty of support from Alabamans.

  • NBA

    Basketball is another major sports that attracts masses of attention from fans and bettors wherever they are in the country. There’s no NBA team in Alabama, but there are a couple close by. And you can expect companies offering sports betting in AL to give plenty of options for placing bets on the top action.

  • MLB

    The length of the regular season, the strong hold baseball continues to exert on the American sporting psyche, and the iconic status of the World Series combine to ensure Major League action will always generate a solid level of betting. There’s no top-level team in Alabama, but there are some good minor league outfits to get behind.

  • NHL

    Hockey is another sport that enjoys a genuinely national profile these days. When it comes to online betting, Alabama players will have plenty of opportunities to wager on the NHL. There are numerous ways to get close to the action from a wagering perspective, right through the regular season and all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals.

  • College sports

    In some states, college sports betting is restricted; it is to be hoped that this is not the case in Alabama. The state is home to two of the biggest names in college football, teams that attract enormous crowds to their games and that inspire huge interest and loyalty across Alabama.

Alabama Teams to Bet On

There are several teams that will attract interest among bettors when sports betting AL gets under way. But, arguably to a greater extent than any other state, the big four pro leagues and local professional sports teams take a distant second place here behind two of the biggest names in college football.

  • Alabama Crimson Tide

    Few college football teams can match the Alabama Crimson Tide when it comes to their illustrious history and huge, passionate support. The team have won 33 conference titles, and claimed several recent national championships under legendary coach Nick Saban. Crowds at games average just under 100,000. The University of Alabama has several other top teams in its program, notably in men’s basketball.

  • Auburn Tigers

    The Tigers regularly pull in crowds of 85,000 to watch a college football team with a long and proud history. They have roared their way to 16 conference titles, and enjoy an intense rivalry with Alabama that reaches its peak when the teams meet in the Iron Bowl. College games will attract massive interest when Alabama online sports betting begins.

  • Birmingham Barons

    The history of this minor league baseball team dates back to 1885. They play in the Southern League and are the Double-A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. With several league championships to their name, the Barons are a popular side and many fans will hope for the chance to wager on their games.

  • Rocket City Trash Pandas

    Founded as recently as 2020, the team play in baseball’s Southern League and are the Double-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels. They took the place of the Mobile BayBears and keep interest in minor league baseball high in the Yellowhammer State.

  • Birmingham Squadron

    Minor league basketball came to the city of Birmingham in 2019 when the Squadron launched their first season here. They already attract some of the best attendances in the G-League to their games, so you can expect a high level of interest in wagering on them.

  • Birmingham Legion

    The Legion are the only pro soccer team in the state, and they play in the United Soccer League, one below the MLS. Crowds have been rising steadily since they first took the field in 2019. The universal popularity of soccer around the world means there are always numerous games to wager on – maybe the Legion’s matches will soon be among them.

Other Alabama Betting Options

Alabama is a state with an extremely limited range of legal gambling options. This is one of only five states in the union that still does not have a state lottery, for instance. The only activities available are:

  • Daily Fantasy Sports

    Daily Fantasy Sports were legalized in Alabama in 2019. That means leading operators such as FanDuel and DraftKings have been able to offer games here since. You will need to be 19 or older to play DFS games in Alabama.

  • Horse Racing

    It is legal to host meetings in Alabama – but there are no tracks currently doing so. Fans of the sport can wager on events out of state using Alabama sports betting sites such as FanDuel TV, BetAmerica, and TwinSpires.

  • Casinos

    There are three tribal casinos in Alabama, all of them operated by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. They offer a wide range of electronic gaming machines, but no live table games. Online casino games are unavailable in Alabama.

  • Bingo

    Bingo is a game at the heart of considerable controversy in Alabama. There are several bingo halls in operation across the state – but leading lawmakers claim they represent a “clear violation” of the law, because any gambling not conducted on tribal lands is illegal. The state gets no revenue from the halls, which operate under the banner of charity bingo – several were raided and closed down in Jefferson County in April 2023.

Responsible Gambling in Alabama

If and when Alabama online sports betting is legalized, there will be a strong focus on responsible gambling. The relevant regulatory authority will insist that all online sportsbooks treat the safety of their customers as a top priority.

Most people who enjoy online sports betting AL will see it as a relaxing leisure activity. However, for a small minority there is a risk of developing an addiction, which can lead to mental health issues and personal problems.

As a result, you should find extensive advice available behind a prominent Responsible Gambling tab at all Alabama online sports betting sites. This should include guidance regarding limiting the time and money you spend on your sports betting account. There will also be links to expert agencies such as the state branch of the National Council on Problem Gambling.

Alabama Sports Betting FAQ


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